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    No Sales

    Even tho i have yet to sell a single copy of my book, i am proud of myself for at least taking it this far. I have written it, i had self published it. There is nothing that any can take away from me. I know if i was able to place it on iPhone i would have been able to get some sales from my family and friends. Even tho no digital copies were bought i still intend to write volume 2. I am still happy i was able to take it this far, and I will continue to strive forward with this and any endeavors that I will take in the future.

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    my book for sale

    itunes(currently for ipad and mac)

    google play

    even tho i have yet to have a single books sold i am still proud of my accomplishment, hopefully it will sell once i get the iphone version up.

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    A Look Inside: My Words - Books on Google Play

    My Book is not live on Google play

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  4. Photo looking for that right person, who ever she may be. but i guess until then im riding solo through this world

    looking for that right person, who ever she may be. but i guess until then im riding solo through this world

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    A Look Inside:

    my book is available for iPad and Mac. iPhone to be released soon

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    Need some help

    has anyone on here, written a book and/or got it published? I have a question.

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  7. Photo Wrote this on a app, that had random words

    Wrote this on a app, that had random words

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So true
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    I will NEVER not reblog this!

    "hey guys, i learned how take pictures on the phone and send it"

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  10. Photo My current project

    My current project

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